May, 25-26 2023 Paris, France

Ready to raise the bar again in real life?

International software development conference for professional developers who care about quality code, solving problems and bettering their practices

« I’m not a great programmer; I’m just a good programmer with great habits. »  - Kent Beck

Never Stop Learning

A conference that doesn’t challenge your pre-conceptions is not a conference worth attending !

Created by developers for developers, NewCrafts is an independent and international event on software development held annually in Paris and Bordeaux.

Because we believe it is not enough for code to work, we want to question the way we develop, how we perceive our profession and craft.

Newcrafts is two days of advanced talks, hands-on labs and open-session spaces accessible all day !

You might also be interested by pre-conference workshops by our renowned speakers on May 23-24. More info here.

Who are we?


Meet your hosts

Felienne Hermans



Author of “The Programmer’s Brain” and associate professor at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science

Felienne is a professor of Computer Science Education at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She also works as a high-school CS teacher one day a week at Lyceum Kralingen in the Codasium program.

Felienne is the creator of the Hedy programming language, and the author of “The Programmer’s Brain“, a book that helps programmers understand how their brain works and how to use it more effectively. In 2021, Felienne was awarded the Dutch Prize for ICT research.

Felienne is a member of the board of I&I (the Dutch association of high-school computer science teachers) and of TC39 (the committee that designs JavaScript). Felienne blogs at

Kent Beck



"For each desired change, make the change easy (warning: this may be hard), then make the easy change."

Kent Beck hates writing biographies.

Guitarist, singer, storyteller, walker, poker player, programmer, artist. Original signer of the Agile Manifesto, author of the Extreme Programming book series, rediscoverer of Test-Driven Development, and inspiring keynote speaker.

Helps geeks feel safe in the world.

Jessica Kerr




Symmathesy is a learning system of learning parts. Jessica Kerr (jessitron) sees software teams this way: as developers, we change this learning system from within. Jessitron works on observability at

Currently, she spends much of her time building symmathesies through Industrial Logic. She has worked at startups (Atomist, Stripe, Outpace) and enterprises (Ford, Bayer, Sprint). She’s programmed in and spoken at conferences about Java, Scala, Clojure, TypeScript, Ruby, and Elm.

Jess lives in St. Louis, MO with two children who invent worlds and draw characters with superpowers, and two cats who meow and knock over water glasses.

Seb Rose



Consultant, coach, trainer, analyst, and developer for over 40 years.

Seb has been a consultant, coach, designer, analyst and developer for over 40 years. He has been involved in the full development lifecycle with experience that ranges from architecture to support, from C to Visual Basic.

During his career, he has worked for companies large (e.g. IBM, Amazon) and small, and has extensive experience of failed projects. He's now Developer Advocate with SmartBear Advantage, promoting effective ways of working to the software development community.

Regular speaker at conferences and occasional contributor to software journals. Co-author of the BDD Books series "Discovery” and "Formulation" (, lead author of “The Cucumber for Java Book” (Pragmatic Programmers), and contributing author to “97 Things Every Programmer Should Know” (O’Reilly).

He blogs at and socialises as

Clare Sudbery

Clare Sudbery


freelance technical agile coach

Clare is an independent technical coach with over 20 years of software engineering experience. She specialises in TDD, refactoring and other XP (“Extreme Programming”) practices.

In 2009, Clare abandoned IT to retrain as a high school maths teacher… but quickly returned to software, gaining new energy via XP. Clare teaches the Coding Black Females’ Return to Tech programme and co-ran Made Tech’s academy. She has a passion for helping under-represented groups to flourish in tech.

Clare hosted Season 1 of the acclaimed Making Tech Better podcast, and publishes notes and scribbles at, and She’s currently writing a report on trunk-based development and continuous integration for O’Reilly, and presents workshops and talks at multiple events worldwide.

Dave Farley



Dave Farley is a thought leader in the field of continuous delivery, DevOps and software development in general.

Dave is a pioneer of Continuous Delivery, thought-leader and expert practitioner in CD, DevOps, TDD and software design, and shares his expertise through his consultancy, YouTube channel, books and training courses. Dave co-authored the definitive book on Continuous Delivery and has recently published Continuous Delivery Pipelines and Modern Software Engineering. He is one of the authors of the Reactive Manifesto and a winner of the Duke Award for the open source LMAX Disruptor project. Dave is the creator of the Continuous Delivery YouTube channel, which currently has almost 6.5 million views.

Dave has been having fun with computers for almost 40 years and has worked on most types of software, from firmware, through tinkering with operating systems and device drivers, to writing games and commercial applications of all shapes and sizes. He was an early adopter of agile development techniques, employing iterative development, continuous integration and significant levels of automated testing, working in large scale distributed systems. He has a long track record in creating high-performance teams, shaping organisations for success, and creating outstanding software.

Adam Tornhill



Founder and CTO at CodeScene Programmer, psychologist, Lisp hacker, speaker and author of several books including "Your Code as a Crime Scene"

Adam Tornhill is a programmer who combines degrees in engineering and psychology. He’s the founder of CodeScene, the leading Software Engineering Intelligence tool.

Adam is also the author of multiple technical books, including the best selling Your Code as a Crime Scene, as well as an award-winning software researcher. Adam’s other interests include modern history, music, retro computing, and martial arts.

Nick Tune



Sociotechnical Thinker

Nick is a Principal Consultant at Empathy Software who works with technology leaders to map strategy, architect systems, and build continuous delivery teams.

He is the co-author of Architecture Modernization: Product, Domain, and Team-oriented (Leanpub) and Patterns, Principles and Practices of Domain-Driven Design (Wrox), and blogs monthly at

Emily Bache



Technical Agile Coach, Conference Speaker, Author.

Emily Bache is an independent consultant and Technical Coach. She works with developers, training and coaching effective agile practices like Refactoring and Test-Driven Development.

Emily has written two books and teaches courses on platforms including Pluralsight and O'Reilly.

A frequent conference speaker, Emily has been invited to keynote at prestigious developer events including EuroPython, Craft and ACCU.

Recently Emily founded the Samman Technical Coaching Society, a not-for-profit organisation which aims to support and inspire technical coaches around the world.

Marijn Huizendveld



Consultant, trainer and entrepreneur

Marijn works as an independent software consultant for (corporate) startups and scale-ups within Europe. He studied business school (boring though useful) and moonlighted as freelance developer (limited impact, lots of fun).

After getting stung by the start-up bug he founded a SaaS business in which he was involved for the next 6 years (lots of impact, limiting private life). This experience provided him with a realistic perspective on business and firm roots in software architecture. He was at the frontier of event sourced domain models in PHP and has been actively involved in the DDD-community since its revival around 2012.

These days he helps his customers to apply the lessons he picked up along the way, in order to make software that propels organizations forward. He also laughs at his own jokes, for reasons unknown cause they typically aren't funny. Join the session to see if you agree.

Zsófia Herendi



Product Manager. DDD enthusiast. Flow addict.

Zsófia is a product manager who has spent more than 17 years bringing developers and business people together, 11+ years working on different teams in an agile environment.

She is a skilled modeler with a passion for diagramming and an addiction to optimizing flow.




Software Crafter | Speaker | EngManag

Juke is a software crafter, facilitator and conference organiser based in Germany and Typeform's Staff Engineer.

They are always trying to improve their skills and share knowledge. As an active member of the European Software Crafter community, they love to participate in unconferences.

They co-founded Queer Code London, organise the SoCraTes UK unconference and facilitate SoCraTes Germany. They also love running code retreats, open spaces and workshops.

Laurent Bossavit



Technical Advisor at CodeWorks

Laurent Bossavit is mainly known as an Agilist and was a recipient of the 2006 Gordon Pask award from that community.

He is, however, a firm believer in belonging to many tribes and traveling far and wide (intellectually and physically) to engage in the trade of that most precious commodity: useful ideas.

His hobbies include coding for fun, slaying software engineering Leprechauns and debugging his own brain.

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The event will take place at NEW CAP Event Center — 3, Quai de Grenelle, Paris

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